Selling With Delta

Understanding the Business sales process and how to maximise your sale price

We believe that selling your Business can be stress-free and exciting when you have the right knowledge and insights, partnered with a supportive Business Brokers and sales system. Let us guide you through each step.


Have your Business appraised:

You should know your Business value every year. This will have a significant effect on your decision on when and how to sell your business.


Get prepared for your Business Sale:

Selling a business is a long term process. You should prepare your business for sale well in advance. We can provide you valuable consultations for the best outcome.


Choose a sale method:

You can sell your Business in different methods. The most common one is private treaty but this can be extended to so many other methods based on your requirements.


Prepare the documents:

Selling a Business involved with different documentations. Preparation of documents well in advance can increase the chance of selling of your Business in a timely manner.


Engage a lawyer to prepare the contract draft:

You are in competition with other Business owners in selling your Business. Preparing your legal documents well in advance will help you Win this battle.


Marketing your Business:

Marketing your Business is one of the most particulars of a successful sale. The more your business be in front of prospect buyers, the higher chance for a successful sale.


Offers received:

We will consult you on the received offers based on comparison to other similar businesses for sale. This will give you a better understanding if you should accept the offer or not?


Contract signed and deposit paid:

We will collect the deposit in our trust account while all of the requirements of the contract fulfilled. We will pay the Vendors the remaining balances on the settlement date.


Business settle:

After getting the landlord consent, do all of the training and support, it’s time to do pass the keys to the new owner. We will be with you until end of the process


Celebrate a great result:

After months of hard work, it’s time for a celebration of such a great result.