Request Appraisal

Request Appraisal

Our industry specialists help business owners answer the question “how much can I sell my business for?”

They review:

  • Local market data
  • Wider market trends
  • Similar businesses sold 
  • Businesses currently on the market
  • Taking & Return to the owner

Plus, the following features of your individual property:

  • Location
  • Plant & equipment of the business
  • Size of the property
  • Number of residential bedrooms / bathrooms
  • Number of car spaces / customer parking
  • Appearance of the business
  • Condition of the interior including fixtures and fittings
  • Proximity to other competitors
  • Ease of access 
  • Rent options of the lease
  • Areas for improvement
  • It’s uniqueness and what makes it desirable

Our agents will summarise their findings and provide you with a comprehensive report on the local market with the estimated value of your business. 

  • Your Details

  • Your Business

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