Our Approach

Our Approach

DELTA is all about a refreshing new modus operandi to Australian property. The future of real estate is here because we’ve taken everything. that the industry currently does and flipped it on its head.

People are Power

It’s all about humans! At DELTA, we absolutely believe the industry has it wrong, so we use a different approach. Rather than competing for your business, we compete for the best people in the business with our hi tech HQ, unrestrained approach and clean fresh brand. Once we have the best, we can offer our clients the best, with superior service and value.

World Class Technology​

As the world changes every second, so do we. Being agile and nimble is the key to being the best in the market on any given day. We are unrestricted and are able to embrace the very best tech from around the globe and offer its advantages to our clients before other agencies can even get it through compliance.

Concierge By Your Side​

IWe want to offer you something extra – and make it complimentary too. That’s right! We have a Property Concierge team who focus on taking care of all the hassles of property prep and the stuff in-between listed and sold, so you don’t have to deal with it. Let’s face it, if you could hit a button and it all be done, you would. So, let us be that button for you.

Sharpened Skillset​

Who doesn’t want experts to turn to when buying, selling, leasing or renting? That’s why our team constantly learn, train and evolve their skills by training with the best in the business to deliver superior negotiations, property inspections and a better overall customer experience for everyone.